Our Team

Preston Morris


CEO/COO/CFO/BMOC/OMG/and other stuff

In 2006, Preston purchased the company formerly known as Commonwealth Clinical Systems.  Almost immediately he restructured the company’s product offering, infrastructure, and equipment.  Working with his team and a staff of contract workers he lead the effort to re-write a large, proprietary piece of client software.  Preston spared no expense in bringing his visions to fruition hiring one of the most respected user interface engineering firms in the country to design the user interaction making it simple, efficient and attractive.  The result is one of the first web based data management solutions in the health data industry.

His leadership has catapulted System13 to the forefront of the data capture industry.  Preston's wealth of experience in strategic planning and execution has enabled the company to bring in new business, promote revenue, profitability, and growth.  He is a hands-on administrator that oversees operations and financial performance.  As a former Network Administrator, he has both the knowledge and skill set to slice through the detail, see the big picture, and provide the competitive edge.

In addition to his work on current projects, Preston also spearheads System13 Labs, a new development effort to advance the company’s mission.  As a life long resident of central Virginia, he is a well known and respected community leader with involvement in organizations such as the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.

The rest of us are like, ... Dude!  Enough already.  Jeepers, come up for Air!

Lynn Goyne

Vice President

Lynn brings the donuts, keeps the team moving, and sooo much more! She serves as Project Manager for the Texas Health Care Information Collection and the Director of Business Operations. As a Project Manager she oversees the ongoing development of the data collection process and software application and is pivotal in ensuring continued implementation and operation of our company's largest web application. She is also responsible for coordinating first level support for Texas Health Care Information Collection. She has successfully delivered numerous releases. In her role as Director of Business Operations she oversees the accounting and administrative efforts of the business to ensure that the goals are met. She has a track record in quality assurance which produces consistent revenue streams.

Oh, get this.  Lynn Totally Loves HORSE RACING!  Who'd a thunk.


John Coogan

Senior Data Analyst

John has been with System13 for over 20 years. His original task was to create a distributed claim-correction software solution for 800 facilities back in the days of UB92 data processing. His expertise was instrumental during our transition from UB92 to 837-EDI processing as we migrated to our proprietary claim structures. He wrote and maintains several of our 837 parsing utilities and converters. John authored our in-house and distributed help desk systems, and contributes layouts and video work to our website. Our Tennessee data processing is currently done mostly by John, and he is also responsible for creating quarterly deliverables for over 1200 Texas facilities and the THCIC State Agency.


John loves to double space after every period ... just to drive the younger guys nuts, for real!

Geno Lamb


Geno brings a wealth of team development experience to System13. One of his first projects was tackling the redevelopment of multiple production ANSI 837 parsers into one streamlined process. He fully rewrote the System13 ANSI 837 interpreters from the ground up, and is responsible for maintaining a large part of our claim validation code base, and also the front end user interfaces. He is proficient with Ruby/Rails, Python, Linux, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery and more. Geno handles our current file parsers and submission responders, and he developed and maintains our Kentucky Linux based system. When files come in the door, they go through Geno's code first.

At this writing, Geno is a new father!  And, so ... he like, might sound a little bit sleepy-ish on the phone, maybe.


Max Honosky


System13 welcomes Max Honosky as the newest member of our team.  He's a web applications guru with a wide range of expertise touching  on frameworks, api integration, databases/schemas, and multiple web critical languages.  He also brings a great compilation of knowledge in advanced testing methods and techniques.  His resume includes data mining and analysis, SQL server management, web design, mobile app design, and even touches on artificial intelligence refinement.  All of these skills have been honed in his experience with team development environments.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention .... apparently Max is like some kind of cook extroardinaire ... which is really the reason why we ... uhhh ... well ... anyway, moving on.

Tom Phelps

Contract Programmer

Tom has been with System13 for three decades. He has guided the development and redevelopment of several major systems over the years. His wealth of experience in a variety of medical information systems has been instrumental in shaping the company into what it is today. He has guided the definition of client requirements, system specifications, detail design and coding for federal and state clients, as well as national hospital associations and corporations. Our largest clients have turned to Tom for his expertise in health care data and technical knowledge when defining new systems.

Golden Retrievers are Tom's Kryptonite! It's actually pretty hilarious. He totally melts into the floor.


Jeremiah Keith


Jeremiah manages our IT infrastructure.  He and his team make sure the programmers have what they need to do their job while ensuring everything is running reliably and securely.  Jeremiah himself has over 20 years of experience working with computers, servers, and networks.  He's the owner of a prominent MSP here in town and actually used to be an employee here before he started growing his computer empire.  His experience is integral to making sure all systems communicate with each other, are being updated and tested, and have good backups.


In his free time, he enjoys... What am I saying?  He doesn't have any free time!

Mel Riffe

Contract Programmer

Mel, Independent Contractor, manages the development and support of the THCIC/Web application back-end services and ancillary operations. This includes the definition of client requirements, system specifications, detailed design, coding and testing of application functionality and Operating System-level support. Mel has extensive experience in information systems design, data management, and custom software development.


System13 has had the privilege of working with Mel since 2009. We would have included his resume, but it's 47 pages long.


Ron Perry

Contract Programmer

Nobody knows what Ron does.  But he's a really cool dude, and he's here a lot.