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Our History and Mission

System13, formerly Commonwealth Clinical Systems, was founded in 1973 by Robert Reid, MD, head of General Medicine at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine.  Dr. Reid envisioned a goal of improving health care quality through the use of computer assisted data collection and analysis.  The company worked with public and private health care organizations to develop data entry collection and verification systems.  Many state agencies and national organizations wishing to outsource data collection and validation turned to System13 for their data collection and warehousing solutions.  Several medical data evaluation programs enjoyed national recognition, and over the years System13 developed a broad spectrum of data processing solutions.  Among these, include systems to:

  • Collect, edit, and verify provider based data sets, and report on statewide claims data.

  • Process, validate, and administer data for Medicare and Medicaid case review.

  • Edit and analyze the data of a large nationwide association of insurance companies.

  • Parse and convert 837 EDI transaction sets


System13’s niche market has always been health care data collection, warehousing, and analysis.  Specifically, we specialize in providing

data gathering, editing, verification, analysis, and reporting services to our client base.  This clientele is best described by their membership in the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO).

System13 remains committed to the improvement of health care through facilitating cost effective and accurate medical data warehousing.  We maintain current lookup tables, offer proactive measures to help providers improve accuracy, and create fast and user friendly data capture systems.

It would be our privilege to discuss how System13 can help you with your data collection projects.

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